We Burn Fuels More Efficiently to Generate Electricity

We believe that energy should be produced efficiently to build sustainable societies, and we aim to turn wasted resources into electricity. Currently, all engines are designed to operate using the less efficient subsonic burning process known as deflagration. If engines were instead designed to use the more efficient supersonic burning process known as detonation, there would be an increase of over 60% in relative efficiency.

Our Innovation: A detonation generator (or DET-O-GEN™  for short) that can convert the energy of fuels into electricity. The DET-O-GEN can operate using diesel and natural gas, hence a Bi-Fuel (BFgenerator. The DET-O-GENBF will be able to provide electricity more efficiently than current diesel generator and natural gas turbine generators combined. Currently no detonation engines exist on the market.

Our Approach

DET-O-GENBF is a pulse detonation engine (PDE) coupled with a electric power generator. The PDE is a tube that produces repeated detonations from combusting fuel and air.  The repeated detonations set a specially designed piston system with embedded magnets into oscillatory motion, which interacts with a coil, thereby producing electricity. The engine is capable of using diesel and “waste” natural gas, which turns a liability into a valuable commodity. The DET-O-GENBF can be standalone, either fixed or mobile, or it can be networked or scaled to attain the levels of large power stations, while having the advantages of a distributed system with its inherent robustness.